Kejriwal’s evil designs exposed again

Sting on Chottepur was a designed conspiracy

Chottepur’s growing stature scared insecure Kejriwal

Conspiracy was hatched to throw Chottepur out of AAP

Gurlabh Singh- the man who executed the sting- reveals the truth behind Chottepur’s


The sting on ex-Punjab AAP Convener, Sucha Singh Chottepur, has come back to

haunt the Aam Aadmi Party. The sting- on the basis of which Chottepur was accused

of taking bribe for assigning constituencies to party candidates for the assembly

elections and was thrown out of the party- was a well planned conspiracy. The

primary reason that led to the expulsion of Chottepur was that he had emerged as a

Sikh face in Punjab with majority of the party volunteers backing him. This eventually

did not go down well with AAP national convener Arvind Kejriwal who hatched a

conspiracy to sack Chottepur.

Gurlabh Singh, the man who executed the sting operation has come out in the open

and exposed the evil designs of Sanjay Singh, Durgesh Pathak, Himmat Singh

Shergill, Harjot Bains led by Arvind Kejriwal. In a press conference held here today

Gurlabh Singh put forth the minute details of the purported sting, making it amply

clear that Chottepur was sacrificed at the altar of Kejriwal’s ego, ambition and


A volunteer of Aam Admi Party since 2013, Gurlabh Singh Mahal is the Joint Secretary

of Aam Admi Party’s Punjab unit’s Legal Cell. He is also the former state executive

member and Former head of Bathinda Zonal Legal Cell of the AAP.

In July 2016, Gurlabh was invited by Himmat Singh Shergill- the then chief of AAP

Legal Cell in Punjab and now candidate from Majitha- to his place at Chandigarh.

When Gurlabh reached his Sector-16 residence at around 9.30 pm to 10 pm, he found

AAP leader and Punjab affairs in-charge Sanjay Singh, National Organisation Incharge

Durgesh Pathak and Youth Wing Head Harjot Bains-now a candidate from Sanhewal-

present there. They proposed him to carry out a sting operation on Sucha Singh

Chottepur- then Punjab AAP Convenor- so that they could expel him from the party

and appoint Himmat Singh Shergill as the Convenor of Punjab and later on as CM

Punjab. When Gurlabh asked as to why he was chosen for the task, they said that his

image had emerged as that of an anti-Delhi leaders and believing, Chottepur would

accept the money from him which he normally was not accepting from others”.

The reason the trio gave Gurlabh for their necessity of expelling Chottepur was that

after his appointment as Convenor of AAP in Punjab, Chottepur had emerged as a

Sikh Leader and majority of the party volunteers were with him.

“Time has arrived to decide the candidates for Assembly polls and since Chottepur

enjoys majority we have to decide tickets as per his recommendations. In wake of

formation of AAP government post-elections, Chottepur will not tow party line and

may emerge as rebel as are two MPs”, they told Gurlabh.

They AAP leaders specifically told Gurlabh that Kejriwal wanted Chottepur to be

thrown out of party and for this they required evidence in form of a sting where he

can be seen accepting cash. They had deputed many others earlier for the job, but all

failed. Gurlabh was a good bet as he was close to Chottepur.

Seeing a reluctant Gurlabh, Shergill made him talk to Kejriwal on his mobile via

whatsaap call. Kejriwal asked Gurlabh to get the task done and offered him a plum

post after the formation of government in Punjab. Kejriwal also told him that he need

not contest the elections. After conversation with Kejriwal, Gurlabh agreed to execute

the conspiracy hatched by Sanjay Singh, Durgesh Pathak and Himmat Singh Shergill.

Laying out the details in chronological order Gurlabh Singh said, “On July 27, 2016,

Harjot Bains and Himmat Singh Shergill called me to Clark Inn Hotel, Nakodar by

texting their location on whatsapp. There they handed me an I-phone- the equipment

for recording. Same evening Harjot Bains’ father handed over two lakh rupees to me

at Mansa Kanchiyan. Next day, i.e. July 28, 2016,   Harjot Bains called me up and

asked me to go to Amritsar and execute the sting on Chottepur. The same day Arvind

Kejriwal was coming to Amritsar from Delhi”.

Gurlabh decided to withhold the sting that day as he anticipated that if he offered the

money, Chottepur might decline or ask him to hand it over to his PA. Gaurlabh

discussed the same with Harjot and he too agreed.

 “On July 29, 2016, I told Harjot that Chottepur was unavailable for a meeting as he

had to leave for Delhi to attend a meeting of the PAC. Harjot assured me that he will

get the PAC postponed after talking to Sanjay Singh and Durgesh Pathak. Harjot got

it cancelled and asked me to execute the plan next day. On the morning of July 30,

2016, I, along with another person met Chottepur at Amritsar in a Hotel and executed

the sting”.

The exercise, however, turned out to be a damp squib. Chotterpur was clearly seen

refusing the money in the video clip. Same day Harjot bains came to Gurlabh’s

residence in Mansa and took him to Chandigarh where Sanjay Singh, Durgesh Pathak,

Himmat Singh Shergill, Karan Vir Tiwana, Jassi (now candidate from Dhuri) all saw

the video. Since, there was no concrete evidence they asked Gurlabh to do the sting


On August 2, 2016, Gurlabh again tried to execute the sting at Ludhiana but

Chottepur again refused to accept the donation in cash. Gurlabh informed Harjot

bains that sting mission has failed as a news had been published in an English daily

claiming that Chottepur will be replaced with Shergill.

 “Surprisingly, based on my first sting which was unconclusive, AAP went on and

removed Chottepur as Convenor of Punjab Unit”, he said.

Gurlabh again met Sanjay Singh, Dugesh Pathak, Himmat Singh Shergill, Gurpreet

Ghuggi at the residence of Himmat Singh Shergill where they all assured Gurlabh that

he need not worry about his security as they could not make public the sting because

there was nothing much in it.

On being asked as to why he chose to disclose the details just a few days ahead of

polls, Gurlabh said, “My conscience had been pricking me for long. If it wouldn’t have

been now, it wouldn’t have been forever. I guess it is good that I took the decision to

expose Kejriwal, be it two days before the polls. Post polls, the burden would not

have ever come off”.

The sting has since been under the wraps, with only the top AAP leadership having

access to it. Even Sucha Singh Chottepur had denied any quid pro quo in the

aforesaid tape. Now with Gurlabh Singh coming out in the open and exposing the evil

designs of the AAP, it has become clear that Arvind Kejriwal and his coterie don’t

want a Punjabi Sikh face to be at the helm of affairs of the state. An insecure dictator,

he is scared of becoming irrelevant and eclipsed- that too by a Punjabi Sardar like