kejriwal suffering with modi phobia

Kejriwal suffer with Modi Phobia: Vijay Sampla
Constitutional term limits and no understanding of the rules.
Chandigarh, 11 December:
BJP state president and Union minister Vijay Sampla said that AAP convener Arvind Kejriwal has Modi phobia due to which every thing behind them appeared Mr. Modi. Bhagavantha value to risk the safety of Parliament of the Parliament session following the decision to exit this case Kejriwal has named Mr. Modi. Mr. Sampla said that parliamentary committee on the recommendation of the decision by the speaker rather it must accept the criticism to Kejriwal.
Vijay Sampla barring the BJP parliamentary party committee members, while an important constitutional position of the speaker due to their decision accepted by all members. Kejriwal has the chief of the constitutional position, but nonetheless, it is not Parliament’s dignity and understanding of the rules. Mr. Sampla said Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal himself, but power shortage of water, poor sanitation or poor hospitals to improve arrangements for the prime minister guilty behind it explains. Kejriwal said it has become the habit of the blame of his failures also are trying to locate the head of the Prime Minister.
Mr. Sampla said Arvind Kejriwal and his party in Delhi and Punjab have the truth come out in her own leaders and workers are facing tremendous fury, the desperation caused some leadersand Kejriwal out of his temper, went to sit are. Mr. Sampla said that people of punjab are very intelligent and he said the people of Punjab government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Punjab, the Akali Dal-BJP alliance in the state for the third time, putting a stamp on the development of the alliance will allow the service.