Sampla thanks PM Modi for approving settlement of Punjab’s legacy food cash credit accounts

Punjab Government will now be able to procure farmers’ produce without any technical hindrances: Sampla

PM’s decision Punjab friendly: Sampla

‘Move reflects PM’s commitment towards the upliftment of the poor farmers of Punjab’

Outstanding Cash Credit Limit (CCL) is no longer going to be a hassle for procurement of food grains for the Punjab Government. Thanks to the efforts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has approvedsettlement of legacy food cash credit accounts of the Punjab government for food procurement operations. This step comes as a big relief for the farmers of Punjab as the state government will now be able to procure their produce without any technical hindrances.

Punjab BJP president Vijay Sampla has thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for paving a way for the Punjab government to buy up state’s agricultural produce. Sampla said that the PM’s move reflected his commitment towards the upliftment of the poor farmers of Punjab. “Prime Minister Modi has provided a major relief to the farmers of Punjab. Given the fact that elections in Punjab are over, still the PM has taken this step irrespective of any political gains. This clearly indicates that farmers are his priority and he has a strong will to assist the farmers of the nation”.

Hailing the decision as Punjab friendly, Sampla said, “Early settlement of legacy issues will help the banks in disbursement of food credit in the larger interest of numerous farmers of Punjab and ensure food security for the nation. With this approval there will be no road block for Punjab in getting Cash Credit Limit (CCL) for wheat procurement starting in the first week of April”.

Sampla further added that the settlement of outstanding Cash Credit Limits (CCL) account by availing term loan by the Punjab Government would entail savings in terms of interest payment. This will create additional resource enabling Punjab Government to undertake capital expenditure, he said.