Sampla seeks report from Punjab government over boycott of Dalits in village Dhandiwal

Union Minister and Punjab BJP president Vijay Sampla today sought a report from Punjab Chief Secretary over the issue pertaining to the boycott of Dalits in village Dhandiwal in Sangrur district.  Sampla has asked the state government to explain why aforesaid Dalits have been ostracized and what special action has it taken into the matter.

Giving out details, state BJP secretary Vineet Joshi said, “After writing to the Punjab government Vijay Sampla ji had a word with Chief Secretary Karan Avtar Singh and sought complete report from him. Sampla ji also asked the Chief Secretary to furnish details regarding the steps taken. Meanwhile, the Chief Secretary assured Sampla ji that the issue would be resolved soon.

It is to be noted that landless Dalit families of Dhandiwal village have been facing boycott by upper caste farmers for the past 15 days for demanding higher wages. They have gone short of fodder for their cattle as the farmers are not allowing them to enter their fields. Also the farmers are struggling hard to fend for themselves.