Aruna Choudhary with parents are struggling with long joke

Being recovered by the Minister of Education, private schools of Punjab not serious hefty fees: BJP
Is funny way of working of Punjab Education Minister Aruna Chaudhary serious situation for the Chief Minister Amarinder Singh. First husband standing dispute of a new variety by the command to execute on the pillion government files resolved and now has eight days to approve the fees related bills before the state cabinet earlier on the same chair in his office. The Bharatiya Janata Party has been a lack of coordination in the government on the issue of Vice President of Punjab Harjit Singh Grewal and State Secretary Vineet Joshi Taking serious notice of this minister’s irresponsible move, being recovered from the parents by private schools hefty fees agreement.
In a statement issued from Chandigarh BJP leaders were ordered to tell 11 date the Minister of Education has set up fees in private schools increased 8 percent and committees at division level for its investigation. Minister cited the Punjab Raguleshn of fees of Un-Aided Educational Institutions Act in their orders.
While the law made the rules by the Department to implement his notification has not been issued. Under Captain led by Amrinder Dakshsh Cabinet has put the seal 19 on the notification bar. Vineet Joshi asked that the notification issued by the Cabinet April 19 to apply the rules to Reshnelaij the fees in private schools. It is already the minister how he applied.
Joshi said it signed cheated private schools are fighting against thousands of parents. He said that those who are asking the people of the week Minister Previous to go to the committees, in fact he was not legally Asisttw in. He further said that these committees was to be included Education Practitioners, which has not been yet.
Vineet Joshi said that are visible from the house of the lot door, prove Sadhu Singh functioning of Mntrioyn like Dharmsot and Aruna Chaudhary government doing what works. He said the government has been in power just a month not passed, on to its ministers level on Access to know what the government is looking.