BJP on Sidhu: Son turned out to be bad

BJP on Sidhu: Son turned out to be bad, mother remained the same

One who was ‘Pappu’ till yesterday, is now Sidhu’s Guru: Vijay Sampla

Punjab BJP today termed Navjot Singh Sidhu a ‘Kapoot’ (bad son) on his joining the Congress party. State BJP president, Vijay Sampla said, “Sidhu used to call BJP his mother. He betrayed his mother who gave him a political stage, name, fame- everything, made him an MP thrice, and made his wife an MLA and then a CPS.  The BJP only gave him, never took anything from him. Unfortunately, the son turned out to be bad, but the mother remained the same”.

Reacting to a picture in which Sidhu is seen bowing down in front of Rahul Gandhi on joining the Congress, Sampla said, “Till yesterday Siddhu used to address Rahul Gandhi as a ‘Pappu’ and today the same ‘Pappu’ has become his political Guru. He used to be vocal against Capt. Amrinder Singh seeking an end to royalty. But today he sees a servant of Punjab in the same ‘Rajshahi’. His step is only driven by greed. It is sheer opportunism at play”