BJP’s election manifesto will soon release

Manifesto of BJP state committee meeting

BJP to take suggestions from the public and from the web portal
Chandigarh, December 13
Mdhdenjr Punjab Pradesh Assembly elections, BJP chief Vijay Sampla crucial meeting of the Manifesto Committee and State in Prdhangi Manifesto Committee chairman and former chief Kamal Sharma, Punjab Water Splai committee member and chairman of the board Sibrej Vinod Sharma, Kamal Suneha Punjab Bhai Paramjit Singh in the presence of the editor in Jalandhar. Meeting to be included in the election manifesto Mudon important consideration was discussed. After the meeting, Chief Minister Vijay Sampla farmers in the Election Manifesto, Wyparion, laborers, domestic women, Pcdi categories, youth, minority, including the fraternal meeting with the various sections will be taken from them for suggestions. Election Manifesto which will be released soon. After the meeting of the BJP and a web portal www.bjpmanifesto. These were issued, in which the people of the state have been called upon to give their opinion. BJP’s social media web portal on the occasion of the issuance of the State Coordinator, Mr. Amit Taneja Cell, State Vice President Rakesh Rathore, media secretary Amit Dewan Arudha were present.

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