Gandhi family can’t open its mouth on issue of corruption: Meenakshi Lekhi

Lekhi attacks AAP, says, you cannot fool all the time

BJP will win more seats than before; coalition government will be formed again
BJP national spokesperson and Delhi MP Meenakshi Lekhi today hit out at the Congress saying that the Gandhi family cannot open its mouth on issue of corruption. Addressing press conference here today, Lekhi said, “The family which is neck-deep in corruption and which has been named in various scams cannot speak on corruption”. Lekhi said, “Punjab has witnessed Congress’ regime as well as 10-years of development under the Akali-BJP coaltion.  Hence, in order to carry on the pace of development and maintain communal harmony and peace in the state, the electorate of Punjab will once again form the coalition government in Punjab and our contribution to this government will be more than what it was during the last elections.
Attacking AAP, Lekhi said, “The people of Delhi are neither getting ample drinking water nor do they have round the clock access to electricity. The roads and gullies are in bad condition, no schools have been opened and the AAP government failed to contribute to the Swach Bharat Abhiyan. The people of Delhi are fed up with AAP and Kejriwal is busy dreaming of coming into power in Punjab. I think he has forgotten that one cannot fool all the time. They have fooled Delhi; they can’t do the same in Punjab.”
In response to a query, Lekhi said that SYL canal was no longer an issue as the Badal government had returned the land to the farmers. She however said that PM Modi was determined to provide ample water to farmers. The Prime Minister is working upon a plan to feed the farmers of Punjab, Haryana and Jammu-Kashmir with waters of the Indus, she said.
Citing figures, Lekhi said, “You just have a look at the 55 year rule of Congress in Punjab and the 10 year rule of the coalition government. You will get to know the difference.  10 years back Punjab’s budget was Rs. 5,000 crores, today it stands at Rs. 25,000 crores which the Akali-BJP government is spending openly for the development of the state. Similarly, no stadia were there in Punjab during Congress’ tenure, today there 28. Six airports are coming up – 2 international and 4 domestic, the Mohali airport is already functional.  10 years back there were mere 3 railway bridges, today there are 65. Earlier, there were 66 high-level bridges, but the count rose to 102 during our tenure. No flyovers were there a decade back, today we have hundreds of them and thousands under construction. Punjab has an AIIMS today, six-lane roads are there, every village is linked via a metalled road and every city has access to clean drinking water and effective sewerage system.  13 Universities and 10 Meritorial schools came up during our regime and hundreds of colleges and educational centres were opened. Under the Mai Bhago scheme, 4, 82,703 bicycles have been provided to the girl child, free medical treatment upto Rs. 50,000 and interest-free loans upto Rs. 50,000 have been provided”.
Lekhi further said, “I have come here to make an appeal to the people of Punjab that in order to continue this pace of development, maintain communal harmony and peace; get better and clean administration, they vote for the alliance candidates and help form a coalition government for the third consecutive time”. Punjab BJP Legal Cell president Lokesh Narang and state party secretary Raj Bhatia were present alongside Lekhi.–