Make Salaria victorious to transform Gurdaspur: Malik

Only Modi government can fulfill Late Vinod Khanna’s dreams: Malik

Bharatiya Janata Party has always talked about development and taken decisions in the larger interest of the nation while during the last 70 years, the Congress party has selfishly tailored various schemes to meet its own interests. This was stated by Rajya Sabha MP Shwet Malik while addressing a press conference here today. Malik was accompanied by state BJP secretary Vineet Joshi, state media department co-convener Subhash Gupta and media in-charge Pradeep Raina. Talking about the Gurdaspur Lok Sabha bypoll, Malik said only the Centre’s Modi government can complete the developmental works undertaken by Late Vinod Khanna, not the state government. “SAD-BJP candidate Swaran Salaria is a soldier of PM Modi. After becoming an MP he can bring in big projects from the Centre. The electorate of Gurdaspur knows this fact and hence will vote only for Salaria in the bypoll”.

Taking a dig a Congress candidate Sunil Jakhar for the claims made by him, Malik said, “If only Jakhar had carried out some developmental work in his paternal parliamentary constituency of Ferozepur, then he would not have been rejected by the voters and nor would he have to contest from Gurdaspur. Jakhar and his family keep on changing their constituencies because they have always failed to solve people’s problems. Who knows he might turn to Jammu & Kashmir after losing Gurdaspur”.

Malik said that the Congress has no issues with which it can go amidst the masses because it is yet to fulfill its promises which it had made during the Assembly polls six months back. “During the Assembly polls, Capt. Amarinder Singh took an oath keeping the Gutka Sahib in hands that he will end the menace of drugs within four weeks of coming into power, but today drugs are being sold openly. The Congress had promised a full loan waiver but failed to do so owing which many farmers felt betrayed and committed suicide. Neither did the youths get smartphones, nor unemployment allowance. Pensioners were lured with a false promise of enhancing their pension to 1500 rupees, but they are not even getting 500 rupees.  The Congress promised adding ghee, sugar and tea to SAD-BJP’s atta-dal scheme, but the people are not even getting the atta-dal.  Every section of the society is fed up with Capt. Government. This is the sole reason that the Congress has resorted to character assassination to divert the attention of the public. The BJP on the other hand is going amongst the masses with an agenda of development. We have taken the policies of the Centre government to the people”, he said.

Malik further said, “After partition the geographical situation of Gurdaspur constituency had changed considerably and the villages were cut off from the cities. The Congress MPs did nothing to improve the ground situation during the last 70 years, but Late Vinod Khanna constructed bridges and provided relief to the people.  During the past three years the PM Modi government has started a number of developmental schemes which have benefitted the people”.

Continuing his tirade against the Congress, Malik said, “Former prime minister Late Rajiv Gandhi had once acknowledged that out of every single rupee the Centre sends to states for development, only 15 paise reach the states. He was fully aware that the rest 85 paise fall prey to corruption but he never tried to correct this because Congress believed in vote politics”.

“Only PM Modi took strong decisions in the interest of the nation without bothering about votes”, added Malik.