Police officer like Parminder Singh Bajwa should be rewarded: Shwait Malik

Shwait Malik Member Parliament, President  BJP Punjab said that Police officer like Parminder Singh Bajwa SHO, Mehatpur should be rewarded rather than demoralized. He has shown boldness and courage towards corrupt system by registering FIR against Hardev Singh Laddi congress candidate for shahkot by election. Officers who set such presidence are examples of motivation for others.  Despite being already under stress of overworked , outdated weaponry and equipments, family problems etc police force is always under fear of frequent transfers due to political pressure . This fear is always like sword hanging on them which doesn’t provide them stable atmosphere of work culture and environment. If this officer has shown dedication towards duty I feel Congress should have moral courage and should change the candidate  and also set an example rather then pressuring. Read more about air conditioner installation cost san diego ca. Read more. Senior officers are pressuring  saying that FIR is a faux pas and disciplinary action will be taken against the Mehatpur SHO Parminder Singh Bajwa who had registered the  directions of the election Commission.Police