Remove 2020 referendum Hoardings or else we will remove: – BJP

Sikh for Justice is furthering Pakistan’s agenda to disintegrate India:- BJP

Taking strong note of the referendum 2020 hoardings put up by an organization called Sikhs for Justice in various parts of Punjab, Bharatiya Janata Party Punjab today asked Government of Punjab to remove them immediately.

It is a sinister attempt to disturb the peace and harmony of Punjab by anti national forces said Punjab BJP’s State Vice Presidents Harjit Singh Grewal and Iqbal Singh Lalpura, State Secretaries Vineet Joshi and Vijay Puri here today in a press conference at Chandigarh. Government should not only remove the hoardings but also take action against those who designed it, printed it, erected it and allowed to host on their buildings, added BJP leaders.

Pakistan, which is harboring terrorist/ criminals/ smugglers wanted by Indian Law agencies is constantly working to disintegrate India by funding/supporting organizations / individuals to create unrest in Border States like Jammu-Kashmir and Punjab, Sikh for Justice is one of those organisations, claimed BJP Leaders.

Sikh for Justice’s Anti-India campaign in US, Canada or hoardings put up by them across the Punjab seems to be a part of Pakistan’s ISI’s plan to create unrest in India.

The love & affection, bond among Punjabis is strong, time tested, proven, withstood the bad times and in future also Punjabi’s will thwart any such attempts on the soil of Punjab, added BJP leaders.

BJP leaders further added that at one side Captain Amarinder is vocal against Khalistani elements, organisations like Sikhs for Justice and on the other side, his own Government in Punjab has turned blind eye towards the referendum hoardings put by Sikhs for Justice all over Punjab.

We cannot allow such anti national organisations to further Pakistan’s agenda on Indian soil, if you cannot act; we will act and remove all the hoardings, said BJP leaders.