Sampla, Dhankar efforts bore result, Centre Govt to buy stubble at Rs 550 per quintal

In a major relief to the farmers and all other citizens, Narendra Modi led Centre government has decided to buy crop stubble from the farmers. Union minister and Punjab Bharatiya Janata Party president Vijay Sampla recently held talks with different Union ministers and discussed how the problem of crop stubble be solved. Parallelly Agriculture Minister Haryana OP Dhankar too wrote letters to union Govt.  Now their efforts have yielded results. Union Power minister RK Singh has decided to buy crop stubble from the farmers and use it for power generation. Sampla and Dhankar congratulated RK Singh for his efforts.

Giving this information Punjab BJP secretary Vineet Joshi said that the  Centre government will buy crop stubble at Rs. 550 per quintal. Paddy is already being procured from the farmers at Rs 1550 per quintal.  With this latest decision, the farmers will now get Rs 2100 per quintal for their yield.

Joshi said that the farmers would benefit hugely with this decision of the Centre. He said that the Modi government was doing everything possible in the interest of the farmers.

It is to be noted that the farmers faced a huge problem in disposing off the crop stubble.  Now the farmers will get money for the same. Check home inspection escondido.This will benefit other citizens especially Punjabis along with the farmers as the problem of crop stubble burning will also be resolved, thereby helping reduce the pollution.

Punjab BJP has expressed its gratitude towards PM Narendra Modi, Agriculture minister Radhamohan Singh and Power minister RK Singh for this radical measure.

Farmers to reap in a benefit of Rs 13750 per acre

Crop stubble buying from the farmers will benefit the farmers to the tune or Rs. 13750 per acre. Normally, 25 quintal of paddy is grown on one acre of land. This amounts to almost 25 quintals of crop stubble.  Buying crop stubble at Rs 550 per acre will get farmers Rs. 13750 extra over an acre of land.